Petrol Bunk Automation with prepaid cards and GSM Communication

Project Abstract

Automated have added to the new look of the petrol bunks. A drastic change which has taken the city by storm is the petrol machines that have invoked a new look with Automated systems invading this area also. Now one can get updated details on the mobile using the cutting edge GSM TEchnology.  This makes the customers know the exact quantity of petrol that has to be filled in, getting over the perennial problem of forgoing small change which most of the times the attendants at the bunks pocket for themselves.
The traditional archaic pumps have now been replaced by more advanced EMP Petrol Pumps for proper filling of fuel. This not only ensures accuracy, but also saves a lot of time for customers and avoids misconceptions and arguments. To demonstrate this as a project we have developed a PIC Micro controller based Petrol bunk automation system.

Project Working

Each vehicle is fitted with a prepaid card. When a car has arrived at the gate, the RFID reader reads the card and opens the gate, only when the card is a valid card. Once entered the user will be shown the balance amount available on the card and he must select a option to dispense the fuel based on litres or rupees.  The system should check whether the user has entered a valid data i.e., the amount should not exceed the balance available in the card. After ensuring that, a motor is actuated to dispense the fuel. Once this is done, the information such as available balance is sent to the user’s mobile phone using GSM technology.

Download (PDF, 182KB)