Railway Track Pedestrain Crossing without using Staircase

Present System

In Railway stations normally we use bridges to go to the other platforms.  Sometimes it is very difficult for the elderly persons or handicapped persons to use that bridge.  Our project finds a solution to this problem.

Proposed Idea

This project is used for automatically close/open the mobile platforms inbetween the train tracks. Normally the mobile platform connects the two platforms, through which the passengers can walk on the platform to reach the next platform.  when the train comes. Sensors are placed in the two sides of the track. If the train reaches one sensor, the mobile platform will automatically close and allows the train to go through the tracks and then when the train leaves the second sensor the mobile platform will automatically open bridging the 2 platforms.  The Microcontroller will sense the presence of trains by using Infrared red sensors.  So on sensing the train on one path, the controller will give pulses to the stepper motor to close the mobile platform automatically.

The mobile platform has a red/green Signal indication so that the pedestrians can know whether they can use the bridge or not. The signal automatically turns to red when the train comes and becomes green when the train leaves the station. For demonstration we can have a model decipting this action.  The Controller which we are going to use is PIC 16f877.

Block Diagram

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Block Diagram


  1. Infrared Sensors
  2. Stepper motors
  3. Interfacing unit
  4. PIC 16F877 Microcontroller
  5. Stepper motor Driver unit
  6. Power Supply unit


  2. Hitech C Cross compiler

Download (PDF, 188KB)