RFID Based Trolley for super market automation

Project Abstract


While purchasing in super market we can gather items we want, put it in the container and at the time of billing only we come to know about the total cost.  Also we need to stand in a queue for billing those items. To overcome this We can design a RFID Based Trolley to make the purchase more easily and comfortable.


An RFID Reader with electronics hardware system in fitted with the trolley to make the purchase comfortable.  All the items are fitted with a RFID card whose price is fixed into the card.  When  the item is shown in front of the reader (fitted in the trolley) the amount for the item is added to the purchase bill and is shown on the LCD Display.  It also has the provision for removing the items from the trolley where the cost is removed from the total cost.  Once the items are added the cost is added up and if it crosses certain limit, say above 500 Rs or 800 Rs, it gives a alarm signal to indicate that.

All this information is sent to a computer for billing update through a wireless link.  This facilitates the billing system even faster and reduces time.

Hardware Requirements

  1. PIC Embedded Microcontroller
  2. RFID Card with RFID Reader
  3. Mechanical Model for Trolley
  4. LCD  Display
  5. Wireless TX unit (RF 433.92 MHZ)
  6. Wireless RX unit (in PC side)

Software Requirements

  1. Hitech C
  2. Visual Basic 6.0

Block Diagram

electronics mini projects

Circuit diagram for Electronics Projects – RFID Based Trolley for super market automation

Download (PDF, 125KB)