RFID Based Access Control Campus Management System

Project Abstract

For companies, where security is vital and access to certain areas must be controlled and monitored, there should be an  access control system that allow companies to manage and monitor all access points and locks, allowing for auditable security and quick responses to any security breaches.  When we consider about Security the distinct ways are Authentication, Authorization and Access Control.

Authentication is any process by which you verify that someone is who they claim they are. This can be of any method of demonstrating identity, such as a smart card, retina scan etc. Authentication is equivalent to showing your drivers license at the ticket counter at the airport.

Authorization is finding out if the person, once identified, is permitted to have the resource. This is usually determined by finding out if that person is a part of a particular group, if that person has paid admission, or has a particular level of security clearance. Authorization is equivalent to checking the guest list at an exclusive party, or checking for your ticket when you go to the opera.

Finally, access control is a much more general way of talking about controlling access to a resource. Access can be granted or denied based on the privillages granted to him. Access control is analogous to locking the gate at closing time, or only letting people onto the ride who are more than 48 inches tall – it’s controlling entrance by some arbitrary condition which may or may not have anything to do with the attributes of the particular visitor.

Campus management

Here, in our project we have used an RFID Card Reader, Keypad and a PIC Micro controller (PIC16F877) for authentication of a person.  The data from the RFID Reader is transmitted to a remote computer through a RS232 Interface. A centralized computer determines the authorization and Access control rights.

After The validation process is over, The user will be allowed to enter the premises and his entry date and time is marked into the database. Using Vb software we can generate reports like how many days the students are present and much more. All user access information is gathered by a central PC-based workstation where the administrators can retrieve and analyze the information.


  • Unique ID for each Person
  • Fool proof system
  • Easy Access
  • Faster Access time compared to other systems such as fingerprint, retina scan.
  • Supports large number of users
  • Alarm on wrong pin entry for more than 3 times

 Hardware Requirements

  1. PIC Microcontroller PIC16F877
  2. LCD Display
  3. RFID Reader With Card
  4. Keypad
  5. Alarm
  6. Max232 for PC Interface

Software requirements

  1.  Visual Basic 6.0
  2. MS Access 2000
  3. MPLAB
  4. Hitech C Compiler
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