Home Automation using mobile communication

Project Abstract

Here is a circuit that lets you operate your home appliances like lights and water pump from your office or any other remote place. So if you forgot to switch off the lights or other appliances while going out, it helps you to turn off the appliance with your cell phone. Your cell phone works as remote control to your home appliances. You can control the desired appliance by presetting the corresponding key. The system also gives you voice acknowledgement of the appliance status.

The Project “Home Automation using mobile communication” has different sections such as:

  1. Microcontroller
  2. DTMF decoder
  3. Voice recording and playback device


As name suggested, it is going to be used in home automation. It is used to control the home appliances by mobile phone from anywhere.

Block Diagram

Engineering mini projects

Block Diagram Engineering mini Projects – Home Automation using mobile communication

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