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Pick and Place Robot

ABSTRACT ¬†The aim of this article is to get familiarized with the modern field of robotics and to find the technology know -how. Also here we are using the sophisticated emerging technology -embedded system. Here we have designed a robot arm, controlled by…


Password Based Door Locking System

AIM The main objective of this project is to implement an Pass word Based Door Locking System Using AT89c51 Microcontroller. ABSTRACT Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible. An access control for…


Multi-level Parking System

multi level parking lift ¬†ABSTRACT In this project, we show the basic multilevel car parking system with two floors. Although we show the concept with two floors, it is still possible to show this concept on multiple floors. Also, in this project, we…


Automatic wash basin mirror lamp controller

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